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March 5, 2013


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Chavez feature

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 3:11 PM
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Hugo Chavez drawing on Muro by DragonQuestWes
Viva Chavez by DragonQuestWes

Because of recent events, I'm going to do a feature for Hugo Chavez related artworks. This journal will be constantly updated as I feature artwork.

Yes, I will only select artworks honoring the ex-President (yes, I said ex-President, because if you read what happened, you would understand).

Hugo Chavez by BokulaViva Chavez by Fonta84Hugo Chavez by Zalo1989Chavez Propaganda by juveleoHugo Chavez by Lindsay40kHugo Chavez Simon Bolivar! by AilanistaHugo Rafael Chavez Frias by Ailanista:thumb298779552:Chavez by QuadraroHasta Siempre, Presidente. by Silver786Hugo Chavez by KhaledFanniWBK Hugo Chavez by workbyknightFarewell Comandante Hugo Chavez by HadiArts

Information about Venezuela from Venezuelanalysis

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BloodyRoyalty Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
And my last name is Chavez. Awkwardness. =p

In all seriousness, I have mixed feelings about him. Sure, he was a complete asswipe at times, but he also made good decisions as well... He's an odd man.
People just focus on the bad parts of him as if that was all he is.
amesho Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
And now, since he died, we're left with such an uncultured limp cock of a man that in only three months managed to devaluate our currency by half and uses Chavez as an excuse to everything he plans to make in presidency.
But of course, putting him in charge is what Chavez's would've wanted (which I think it was a bad move in part of him. Maduro's going real down, real fast), so you won't mind if we're pushed to hell all over and all the hive-minded follow him like a new Messiah as long as this scrap of a fairytale is still on.
IMO, Chavez took his ideology to the grave. He didn't leave or tutor or favor one of his allies in charge.
Nicolas ain't no Chavez. He will doom us for good. (And I think other heads of state allied to Ch. are picking up on it.)

Chavez had his good things, but he was so foolish and egotistical to go through that presidential election knowing he may not live to occupy the spot and leaving the country in the midst of this shitstorm.
You do realize that the PSUV still has 20 out of 23 regions in the latest elections do you? You think things will get worse under Maduro? Having a previous career as a Bus Driver doesn't negate his merit. Just because people haven't heard his name before doesn't mean he'll do a worse job than Chavez.
amesho Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Having them in late December (aka the "nobody cares about nothing" season) and using his illness as a pity card (which everyone did) will pretty much convince everyone. Capriles managed to keep his spot in his state, which still proves his acceptance is spread in his state. Nicolas is working against a 6 million handicap *minimum* of people who voted for Henrique.

In three months the currency got devaluated by half, prices are up, stuff is harder to find and the energy shortages are on again. What about in six years?

I'm not negating him because of his past jobs, I'm negating him because of his obvious incapacity with the role of President that, as far, he demostrated. He's not like Mujica from Uruguay, who was poor but is really smart and turned out capable.
(Off topic: Being raised in a poor enviroment does NOT make you a good person automatically, and does not necessarily mean you will work for them if you get successful)

Have you saw any of his quotes? In less than a year, he managed to outdo Chavez on kooky quotes, quantity and amount of sheer stupidity.
"Chavez from heaven helped to choose a Latin American Pope" A Pope who is claimed to have worked with a far-right dictatorship in Argentina?
There's also no self-iniciative. Everything is about Chavez. Good and Bad. Capriles isn't a brilliant speaker, but he managed to get out some amazing tidbits of information.

In fact, Maduro disrrespected Chavez's wishes. (Chavez hated the idea of mummification and body preservation and wanted to be buried in hsi humble home). Maduro wanted to pull a Lenin on him regardless. Allegedly, he's due to be buried in his home after the whole preservation thing's fell to pieces, losing money in the process.

Based on this three months, I don't want to see what's left in store.
Well "Good person" is a relative term. He's not incapable just because of a few things you disagree with. The worst thing about Maduro by is the fact that he misreported Hugo's health, but maybe he wasn't properly informed.

Capriles still maintains a good reputation yes, but that's within his home state of Miranda.
amesho Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
At this point, all those things are pretty objective whoever is in charge.

Being a high-ranking politician and a member of Chavez's cabinet, it's pretty much ridiculous (I'm sorry I'm inmodest, but you have to agree with me here) to "not be well informed" about the President's health. He said repeatedly that the President was either "cured" or "improved". No one knows how he died, what type of cancer he had or how many operations he had. Some explanations he gave out were also pretty illogical (the most known being that he was getting chemo on the midst of a lung infection, which pretty much forced them to say he died). There's lots of proof that information was manipulated. There wasn't any medics who gave out updates on Chavez's health, which is the norm everywhere.

He won in Trujillo and Merida in 2012. Zulia has a big oppisition base (Our own opposition is lackey, that's why they lost here, but the opposition movement here's pretty huge), Amazonas and Lara have opposition goverments, Bolivar had very close results, There's Nueva Esparta, Carabobo and some other cities as well.

Also, now that the opposition card has only one slot in the card, the chance of void votes of retired or switched parties is pretty close to zero.
No it isn't ridiculous. He was just really sick and Maduro was probably misinformed, so there was no intentional manipulation.

I'm aware of the sizable amount of opposition within those states, but it won't change the fact that Maduro still has the upper hand.
Hugo is known among Serbs as our ally. He, next to Gaddafi, had balls to say in America's face "Kosovo is Serbia" and to supply our people with food when USA threw us in sanctions in 90's.

Also, did you notice - how is it possible that Clinton, Albright and other zionist war criminals are still alive, while their opponents died? And how is it possible to simultaneously six Latin American leaders are suffering from the same disease?! I smell CIA and Pentagon influence here.
I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA was involved in his death.

And yeah I absolutely agree: Kosovo is Serbia. The whole Kosovo independence thing is just the USA playing world police. When I was much younger, I used to be all "lol Serbia is evil, Kosovo must be independent!!!11oneone" but then after age 18, I realized how stupid I was for swallowing that kind of pro-US propaganda and actually talked to Serbs instead of listening to the media.
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